Tide~ global learning is a teachers' network and a charity that promotes the idea that young people have an entitlement to global learning through engaging with global perspectives, human rights, development and sustainability.  As a network we enable teacher creativity to stimulate learning and inspire curriculum development.  

See History in Brief [link] for an outline of how Tide evolved over the last 40 odd years. 

Our current projects are with Birmingham Education Partnership ... see for example [link]

The management and co-ordination of Tide~ activity is the responsibility of the Trustees [link] who are elected from Membership.

Recent events, the closing of the Tide~ Centre in Millennium Point and loss of funding led to a review of priorities.  See for example the paper on Tide~ Vision to the 2016 AGM [link] -- and Notes to stimulate a conversation at the 2017 AGM [link].







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