Global learning ... let's talk about it

Scott Sinclair shares his thoughts about where 'global learning' should be going ... and how it might be possible to head in that direction

Democracy and democratic schooling  

Clive Harber, University of Birmingham and Jeff Serf, University of Wolverhampton share research about the views of student teachers in South Africa and England and consider the implications for democratic schooling.

Development Encounters

Darryl Humble was a member of the Tide~ Kerala 2007 group. He spent 8 months based at Tide~ to develop his PhD based on a variety of Tide~ global learning experiences.

Education, democracy and poverty reduction 

Professor Clive Harber is Head of the School of Education, University of Birmingham.
Clive's article is based on his input to the Tide~ conference in 2004. Clive & Jeff Serf from Wolverhampton University are co-leaders of the Tide~ Seeking Ubuntu project.

School Leadership for Quality Global Learning 

Jeff Serf, Principal Lecturer, School of Education, University of Wolverhampton and Scott Sinclair, Tide~ global learning