Behind the Scenes

photographs and inservice activities for exploring the hidden curriculum

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Behind the Scenes explored the notion of the “hidden curriculum” and in particular, how this related to gender, race, power, discipline and parental involvement.

The pack was designed as a stimulus for teacher inservice, particularly with school based staff groups.  It was about generating an awareness of a 'hidden curriculum" and its implications.  The process enabled groups to generate their own agenda, review the issues from that agenda and to identify practical actions to follow up in their school.  

The photographs are about everyday scenes in school.  Like all photo-discussion activities it is what people 'see' in them, or are reminded of, that is as important as the image itself.  Using a collection from a variety of schools helped avoid any issues being seen as criticism of particular people and enabled a constructive group approach to engaging with what can often be seen as controversial matters.

The booklet offers activities and background to key issues.

The course structure proposed is based on that offered in

A sense of school - an active learning approach to inservice

with three sections:

1] Preparation Activities: Draw out assumptions, expectations and experience. Stimulus to introduce core content.  Group forming. Agenda building.

2] Input [or Enquiry] Activities: Variety of stimulus to learn about key matters.  Sub groups could focus on particular aspects.

3] Output [or Synthesis] Activities: bringing together key ideas for course.  Enabling group planning of key proposals for follow up. 

This project build on the experience of using the earlier publications:

Theme Work - a global perspective in the primary curriculum

Hidden Messages - activities for exploring bias


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