Global stories

Interactive CPD using global texts to inspire children


There is a growing range of high quality books for children, that deal with global issues such as poverty, racism, conflict and the environment.  Many of these texts are set in ‘the South’, and almost all have at their core a powerful personal story.  They provide a rich resource for literacy teaching, as well as providing the basis for issue-based discussion and enquiry.

 All workshops will include:

  • hands-on, participatory activities;
  • practical suggestions for classroom activities and recommended texts, with links to National Curriculum 2014;
  • a chance to explore some key questions about teaching and learning;
  • proven activities from experienced teachers;
  • a discount on Tide~ resources, produced by teachers for teachers.

What people have said:

'Global stories convey learning objectives in an exciting and relevant context'

'A catalyst for creative and high quality work'

'Global stories directly enhanced the quality of English lessons'

'The children were drawn into worlds often vastly different from their own, but were able to empathise with many universal human emotions such as the feeling of isolation and lack of power.'

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These courses are accredited by the GLP, and partner schools can use e-credits to pay for them. Please contact us for further information.