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we held a seminar with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust and Birmingham City Council. For details, click here


A world fit to grow up in?

On 16th November 2011 we held a conference on Primary global learning, in partnership with the Cambridge Primary Review West Midlands Network.

Our keynote speaker was Professor Robin Alexander, Director of The Cambridge Primary Review, and currently the leading writer and thinker on primary education in the UK.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the slides from his talk, “A ‘World Class’ Primary Curriculum - Beating The World Or Sustaining It?”

Responding to Robin’s challenge, Jeff Serf has produced a personal think piece entitled “’World Beating’” or ‘World Sustaining?’  Aims or Outcomes?”   Jeff is a Tide~ trustee, and Chair of the Primary Liaison group.

We hope these documents will lead to much further debate about the nature and quality of global learning in primary schools.

Articles from members of the network

Exploring Citizenship; learning from Ugandan perspectives 

Rob Bowden is an acclaimed author of educational materials that focus on development issues.
Learning from Ugandan perspectives - what issues has the country's decentralisation process raised for citizenship and participation?

Global citizenship education: the needs of teachers and learners 

Lynn Davies, Clive Harber and Hiromi Yamashita are based at the Centre for International Education and Research [CIER], School of Education, University of Birmingham