Articles from members of the network

Exploring citizenship learning from Ugandan perspectives, Rob Bowden explores what issues has the country's decentralisation process raised for citizenship and participation?

Exploring partnership, a dialogue between Tide~ global learning and the National Environment Agency, The Gambia

Mutual learning for sustainability: The Gambia and the UK, For over a decade, many teachers from the Tide~ network have had the experience of working together intensively, as part of an initiative which includes developing ideas about Sustainable Development Education with colleagues in The Gambia.

In this article Ben Ballin reflects on what has been learnt from that experience, having led the project throughout, and seen for himself the powerful professional learning which can arise from study visits and partnerships of this type.

Learning from experiences in the Gambia. Fran Martin was Senior Lecturer in Primary Education [Geography] at University College Worcester at the time of writing. She is now at Exeter University.  She co-led study visit courses to The Gambia in 2002-3 and 2003-4.

Leading study visits.  Sally Wood and Ben Ballin have been leading study visit courses to The Gambia for Tide~, and here reflect on the qualities needed in order to successfully carry out this role.