Global Goals & Own-Goals in Education

Lynn Davies, School of Education, University of Birmingham

In her inaugural lecture [1997] Lynn Davies identified 8 own goals ... areas where education was not only not making a contribution but was positively harmful.   Cartoons by BRICK added to the dynamic.

1. Institutional violence (corporal punishment, ritual humiliations)

2. Military and religious training (unquestioning obedience to authority through the ‘defence’ curriculum and/or presentation of the supernatural as fact)

3. Schools as strangely non-adult places (with arcane rules, & no equal rights)

4. Teacher deviance (corruption, absenteeism, sexual harassment)

5. Reproduction of inequality (class, gender, ethnicity)

6. League tables between schools and countries (emphasising competition rather than collaboration)

7. Exclusive national curriculum (a silence not just on minority culture but important areas of learning such as political and legal education)

8. Schools as anachronisms in a modern age

The paper contributed to Tide~ debates about the potential for Mutual Learning.


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