- what's it all about?

We live in an interconnected world, a world in which we are increasingly drawn into the same space and time as people in different parts of the world.  This process has been given a name - globalisation. 

Globalisation is one of the most important challenges of the world that young people are growing up into.  What's it all about? 

"Young people at school today already have a stake in this process, and a right to be guided through its apparent chaos into an understanding of their own part within it.  Their lives are already partly defined by it - work opportunities, corporate logos on clothes etc.  But they are also going to be part of what defines future directions.  How will global connections, technologies and cultural possibilities that increasingly blur the global with the local shape our future ... and that of people in other parts of the world?"

These are the challenges that motivated the group of teachers that came together to work on this publication in the context of much discussion about the nature of citizenship ... discussions that were stimulated by new curriculum and by an increasing awareness of the positive and negative effects of globalisation.  

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