Tide~’s March 2010 conference highlighted innovative practice from a range of schools and projects.

At a time when curriculum change was very much in the air, it raised questions about how we engage and inspire learners in a changing global context. These questions are still very much alive [even if the formal policy context for them remains unsettled at the time of writing].

The following draws on the discussions and exploratory work of a great number of teachers, heads and other educators … at the conference, and as part of consultation sessions and exploratory projects. We hope it will serve as a stimulus for further debate and professional creativity.

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  1. A world fit to grow up in?

  2. Creative teachers, global learners

  3. Ideas into action six assertations and a fait accompli

  4. The value of global learning ... for teaching and learning

  5. The Primary Reviews

  6. Primary priorities

  7. Acknowledgements

  8. Key resource