June 2007

The conference brought together the work of five Tide~ project groups. Their work on different aspects of 'global learning' provided the focus for presentations and workshops including:

Leadership of learning

Tim Boyes [Headteacher, Queensbridge School, Birmingham] presented the work of the leadership of learning group to the conference.

There was a workshop to explore these issues further. Julie Wooldridge describes the workshop and shares some of the key discussion. The workshop was introduced by Ray Peacock [Deputy Head, King Charles I School].

Bringing it all together in the primary school

  • Jeff Serf [Wolverhampton University] shared some of his research work building on the introductory paper Bringing it together

Mutual learning? … and school partnerships

  • Fran Martin [University of Exeter] shared some of her research.
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Notes accompanying presentation

The work of both Jeff and Fran provided a focus for a workshop on global partnerships primary focus.

Learning from the experience of others

Sue Bermingham [Manchester Metropolitan University] gave a presentation to the conference highlighting her reflections on the Seeking Ubuntu study visit to South Africa.  Powerpoint presentation

The conference papers included the concluding chapter of Comparative education and global learning by Clive Harber and Jeff Serf.

Re-visiting "development" ~ challenges for global learning

  • Members of the Kerala study visit project [Angela Crane, Angela Horton and Richard Woolley] presented to the conference some of the issues arising from that project.

This was followed by a workshop. The paper Reflecting on development ~ a window on Kerala outlines something of that experience and the challenges it brings.

The ideas then provided a focus for a plenary debate about global learning and the curriculum.

Mick Waters [Director of Curriculum, QCA] shared his thinking about future curriculum and in particular the role of global dimensions … and global learning.

As part of this session:

  • Harm-Jan Fricke [education consultant] shared some of his observations and challenges.
  • Elaine Miskell [Tide~ Centre] shared a paper exploring some of the potential pitfalls.

To follow up some of the key ideas from the conference a short consultation paper will be developed ~ A question of global learning.

Papers and powerpoints from the conference:

Leadership of learning

Binging it all together in the primary school

Mutual learning? … and school partnerships

Learning from the experience of others