Developing Geography was about highlighting the ways that development education could contribute to a relevant and stimulating geography … that would also encompass the requirements of the new National Curriculum. 

It starts by outlining the attitudes and values of the author group relating to: children and learning; the national curriculum itself; people and society; and geography as a subject.  Pages 17-24 raises questions about the final national curriculum paper.

The book has four main sections each featuring learning activities: Exploring attitudes; Developing skills; Enquiring about places; Pulling it together. 

This work built on earlier experiences for example the publication People before Places? and Whose development? [link] that was produced by a group as part of the follow-up to a study visit to The Gambia.

The debates about the introduction of a national curriculum provided the opportunity for DEC groups to directly engage with the national curriculum consultation process. 

A series of ‘Elephant Times' newsletters were published.  They generated a lot of interest among geography teachers locally and nationally.


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