DEC's contribution to a Dublin based project: 'Dialogue for Development' opened up debate about development ... and later in the bar about the relationship between our two places: Birmingham and Dublin and our perspectives on what was happening in Northern Ireland.  These discussions had much in common with the debates about development ... including the role of images and attitudes. 

Published in 1986 in partnership with Trocaire ... this book focuses on a conference in Greystones [just south of Dublin] bringing together an invited group of 41 people involved in development education from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.  [See page 17 & 19]  It features the early stages of partnership with projects in Ireland that evolved into a long-term strand of Tide~ work.  See for example Colm Regan's input to the September 2017 Birmingham Education Partnership [BEP] Conference [link]

The book provided the opportunity to reflect on core ideas that were shaping up about 'development education' including the value of a local dimension see 'Going Local'.  It explores ideas about identity, different perspectives, the nature of misunderstanding and the value of dialogue.  It reviews the 'New Ireland Forum' and the 1985 'Anglo-Irish Agreement'. 

The book set the scene for work later developed by 80:20 [link] and Tide~.  However we were unable to get support for the proposed project [see p90] 'Development Education - an Historical Dimension'.  Making such connections remains controversial.  The article 'Whose History?' highlights some of the debates as we then saw them [see p 86].  

The Irish border became a focus in the Brexit debate ... what is the state of misunderstanding in 2020?

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