Publications support ~ Global learning in primary schools

Supporting the publication Global learning in primary schools are the following downloadable stimulus materials, teaching and CPD activities, background articles and discussion papers.


Introductory section

A – Teaching Activities
B – Background Information
C – CPD Materials

Bringing it together  p3

Why global learning?  p6

How do we deal with global issues?  p9

Leadership of learning  p10

Global learning experience in schools  p13

Key documentation  p15

Global learning & school partnerships  p16

Learning about distant places at KS1  p17

Learning from experiences in The Gambia  p17

1: Me … my identity and my learning needs

Making sense of the world around us  p19

Learning together as a school p19

Supporting groupwork p19

Using story  p20

2: Understanding social connections

B  Schools contributing to a sustainable society  p22

Talking for a purpose  p23

Supporting & evaluating speaking and listening  p23

Speaking and listening to explore social connections  p24

Talking about photographs  p25

3: Understanding commonality

Photos of Tanje, The Gambia  p28

Year 2 locality study of St Lucia  p29

How do we make sense of a place?  p29

A  Polytunnels – a focus for exploring global issues  p31

4: Understanding interdependence

Jamaica – push and pull factors  p32

The water cycle  p32

Classroom connections  p33

My lunchbox ~ what are the connections?  p35

Growing ideas - some food for thought  p35

5: Understanding participation

Drama and role play ~ looking into an issue  p36 

English and ESD p36

The Bill Scott Learning as Sustainable Development Challenge  p36

Climate change ~ the educational implications  p37

Climate X-change – children using ICT to share ideas  p37