31/10/2011 by Tide~ global learning

Common issues in the Punjab and the West Midlands

21/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning/National Environment Agency, The Gambia

~ a resource for teachers of children aged 7 - 14 years

See download below

20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

Education & development: an introduction to theories and debates


20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning/Parentline Plus

photos and activities to explore perspectives and issues


20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

... activities for speaking and listening about issues


02/11/2018 by ISS

Ireland / Britain: a microcosm of international misunderstanding? 

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21/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning/Association for Science Education

~ ideas for science with a global dimension .. [KS3]


20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

out of many - one people

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21/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning/Language Alive!

~ creating a global learning experience at KS2