20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

... activities for speaking and listening about issues


20/07/2011 by Tide global learning/FACE

planting ideas, growing ideas, KS2-3

25/07/2011 by Jackie Zammit

~ thinking it through

26/07/2011 by Jackie Zammit

~ Responding to the World Cup and 2012 Olympics

31/08/2011 by Fran Martin

This paper is based on a presentation given by Dr Fran Martin to the November 2008 Tide~ conference 'Primary global learning ~ Thinking about a new curriculum'.


16/09/2011 by Jimmy Bullock, Colton Hill School, Wolverhampton
02/11/2018 by ISS

Ireland / Britain: a microcosm of international misunderstanding? 

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