Engaging development: learning for a better future

Colm Regan and Scott Sinclair

from ‘80:20 Development in an unequal world’ 

This article explores some key dimensions of the importance and relevance of development education as part of the dynamic of change.  Current debates about education ... and about development illustrate that both concepts and the key ideas and philosophies that underpin them are contested – and strongly so.  Thinking about development education has to relate to both development and to education - all three have an interrelated history. 

Our enquiry begins with that story before considering the ideas of Brazilian popular educator Paulo Freire and their significance to thinking about development education in the context of contemporary learning and the challenges of our aspirations for a better, more just, future. 

The chapter then briefly reviews the two ideas - ‘development’ and ‘education’ and poses a number of questions about the relationship between the two and the nature of learning and teaching. These questions and debates are then applied to thinking about the process of change, firstly in British and then in South African society.  

The chapter concludes with an overview of the various different dimensions of development education.   See below for full article …

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